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How should the soldering machine manufacturer plan in the future?

For small and medium-sized automatic soldering machine equipment manufacturers how to plan the future, I believe many practitioners are confused. Although I am a practitioner, I have always tried to consider it from the perspective of outsiders. Personal opinion, the development of non-standard automation industry will eventually enter the following five modes.

1: Strong joint mode. In the future, if a manufacturing company does not have an automation equipment department, then this enterprise will not survive. Faced with the ever-decreasing profit margins and high labor costs, only the full implementation of automated unmanned production, improve the level of technology can be invincible.

Some of the manufacturing bosses around me began to try to acquire some small non-standard automation companies to build their own non-standard automation team. First, reduce the investment of equipment, and secondly, improve the automation level of production. Or non-standard automation companies go to mergers and acquisitions of some manufacturing companies, through this fast way to enter the traditional manufacturing industry.

2: Independent mode. Continuously cultivate internal strength and improve the level of technological innovation. Do not have people, I have people. The most important point is to establish a model for standardized design and production. All of the non-standard industries are currently developing slowly because most of the equipment requires custom development.

The company needs a lot of experience in developing this piece. Moreover, in the assembly production process, the technical level of the workers is quite high. Therefore, in the future, the development of non-standard automation companies must establish a large database, using standardized and modular design methods. This will get twice the result with half the effort.

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3: Self-sufficiency mode. Large manufacturing companies such as Foxconn have begun to get involved in the development and production of robots. This part of the company, with funds, has its own huge demand for non-standard automation equipment.

I used to work in a large lithium battery factory. The company's model is to set up a non-standard automation team. Most of the equipment is developed by itself. In addition to large assembly lines and precision equipment, the company's automation equipment is largely self-sufficient. At present, companies with a small scale have their own automation equipment department.

4: Diversified production mode. Due to the special nature of non-standard industries, many companies have reached a certain stage and there will be a bottleneck that is difficult to break through. Many bosses in the non-standard automation industry have begun to try to diversify into traditional manufacturing.

Since these companies are able to produce their own equipment, the equipment input cost is low and the production efficiency is high. It has a great impact on ordinary businesses.

5: Industry 4.0 giant mode. The main custom development of large production lines, and unmanned factories. However, China started late in this area, and the industrial automation base is weak. We have been in the catch-up phase. These giants are basically monopolized by multinational groups, such as: ABB, Siemens, KUKA, Epson and other robot manufacturers.