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Despected user:
Hello! Thank you very much for using the products provided by Dongguan Nasheng Electronic Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.!
Our company has always been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, integrity-based, quality first, customer first" purpose, consistently implement the "quality first, implement reasonable prices, provide sincere service, and effective competition" four principles, With the dedication of all employees, we strive to increase customer satisfaction; the industry returns to society, and cooperation creates a win-win situation.
Starting from your use of nano products, our company will provide you with perfect and high quality after-sales service. To this end, we have the following after-sales service regulations, and users are requested to give supervision.
First, technical service content:
1. Provide technical guidance and long-term technical consultation for users;
2. Organize engineering service personnel to carry out regular tracking services;
3. Responsible for the guidance of user equipment installation and routine maintenance, and provide long-term spare parts for equipment.
Second, after-sales service commitment:
1. During the product quality guarantee period, the company shall be fully responsible for the repair and exchange of damaged parts free of charge during the warranty period; (except for human-induced and irresistible natural disasters)
2. Provide product installation sketch according to user requirements;
3. The company will provide on-site technical guidance free of charge during product installation and commissioning;
4. After the product warranty expires, the product parts are provided at the cost price;
5. In the course of using the product, if there is a need to change the product parameters and models, the company is responsible for providing detailed technical information and related recommendations for the product;
6. The company regularly visits and maintains users.
7. The sales and service network of the company is sound. When the customer expands the layout, the company can provide one-stop service for the partner.
In order to provide you with more thoughtful and more satisfactory services, Dongguan Nasheng Electronic Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes your supervision and criticism. We will take the initiative to return to meet your opinions and quickly change the shortcomings of the service. At the same time, we also set up a service supervision phone and mailbox that is handled by a special person.
National 24-hour service hotline: +86-17722357811 Fax: +86-769-22106316; complaint supervision telephone and email: mc.lijuan@nashengcn.com

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