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Automatic dispensing machine for bottom filling process

The automatic dispensing machine is applied in the bottom filling process. What are the requirements for the performance of the automatic dispensing machine?

The underfill process is to apply epoxy glue to the edge of the flip chip. Through the "capillary effect", the glue is sucked to the opposite side of the component to complete the bottom filling process, and then the glue is cured under heating.

What are the performance requirements of the underfill process for the dispenser?

First, the bottom filling must first heat the glue, to maintain the temperature of the glue, so our dispenser equipment must have thermal management.

Second, the bottom filling process needs to heat the components, which can speed up the capillary flow rate of the glue and provide a favorable guarantee for normal curing.

Third, the bottom filling process has high requirements on the accuracy of dispensing, especially when the RF shielding cover has been assembled in place, it is necessary to perform the dispensing operation through the upper face.

In summary, the above is the performance requirements of the underfill process on the dispenser. We must pay special attention to the process of dispensing the underfill process. For more information on the product of the dispenser, please Pay attention to our official website!