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Technical characteristics of the stranding machine

The stranding machine is also known as a high-speed stranding machine, a wire-drawing machine, and a twisting machine.

The use of stranding machines is widely used in all kinds of soft/hard conductors (copper wire, enameled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and stranding of electronic wires, such as: power cord, telephone line, audio cable, Video cable, car cable network cable, etc. To twist a single single-conductor into a strand, to achieve the wire process.

Technical features:

1. The maximum speed of the spindle of the stranding machine is 3000 rpm.

2. Automatic tension control: When twisting the wire, the wire tension needs to be continuously increased when the wire is received from the bottom of the disk. The machine can automatically track and adjust the tension of the wire; the tension of the whole wire is uniform, and the machine is also The tension can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

3, the main engine is oil lubrication, natural circulation cooling, effectively extend the service life of the spindle bearing.

The wire-passing system adopts a new structure, and the wire is directly passed from the spindle guide wheel to the bow band, and the scratching and jumping phenomenon caused by the failure of the corner guide wheel on the aluminum disk is subtracted.

4. There are three pressing devices in the machine to ensure the roundness of the conductor after stranding and reduce the loss of insulating materials.

5. The whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission, there is no lubrication point inside the machine, the machine is cleaned, the stranded wire is free of oil, and it is suitable for conductor stranding of various types of surface cleanliness.

6. Adjusting the lay length only needs to replace one take-up wheel. Adjusting the twisting direction only needs to pull the reversing rod to operate simply, thus reducing the operator's error rate and working intensity. The whole machine bearings are all well-known brands in Japan. The bow belts are made of new materials. They are flexible and avoid jumping stocks caused by vibration during high-speed operation. Inverters, PLCs, magnetic powder clutches, electromagnetic brakes, hydraulic jacks, etc. all adopt imported famous brands. Reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs.