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Analysis of the importance of double-flying fork winding machine equipment

Analysis of the importance of the double-flying fork winding machine: The automatic winding machine has become the main force of the current winding production equipment due to its high efficiency, precision and low labor intensity. It requires more functional parts and accessory systems than CNC winding. The equipment is much higher, each accessory plays its own different functions and functions, and different component configurations are applied to different winding requirements. We mainly explain the classification and characteristics of the tension mechanism.

The tension mechanism of the automatic winding machine is a type commonly used in the middle and low-end models. The higher friction material such as felt and asbestos is used as the friction plate, coupled with the rotating friction plate, and the pressure between the friction plates is adjusted. The torque generates damping force, and the advantages are low cost, simple structure and convenient maintenance. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious. The tension adjustment is rough and the self-control ability is poor, and generally applied to processing occasions with lower tension requirements.

In order to realize its high-speed, stable and very accurate coil winding, the single-chip microcomputer is generally used in the design of the automatic winding machine. The stepping motor and the frequency-adjusting servo motor are used to realize the double-motor rotating winding, and the infrared and Huo are applied. Device detection for accurate measurement and control.

The high-speed operation of the winding spindle during operation makes the winding have a large impact inertia. In order to ensure the quality of the winding and avoid the disconnection, the speed of the winding spindle is required to start and stop from slow to fast, and then from smooth to slow. .

About CNC Winding Machine First, let's take a look at what is a CNC winding machine, which refers to the use of digital commands composed of numbers, words and symbols to realize the motion control of one or more mechanical devices.

It controls the mechanical quantities such as position, angle, speed, etc. and the amount of switching related to the flow of mechanical energy. The generation of CNC winders relies on the emergence of data carriers and binary form data operations.

The emergence of CNC winding machine equipment has greatly improved the civilization of modern industry. Numerical control is the abbreviation of digital signal control equipment. The multi-coil and multi-function machine of CNC winding machine will replace single head machine. Type, multi-coil and winding type can process more coils at the same time, reduce the processing cost of single coil, the inevitable direction of the future development of the coil production industry, and the multi-purpose integrated automatic winding machine is also currently produced. The machine is purchased in large quantities, and its processing range is very wide. Round and flat wires can be wound and the processing capacity can be extended.