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Speaker receiver automatic production line

1. The standard of the wire body is modular, and the cost of product change is low;

2. Product assembly accuracy is higher than flexible line; output is 15,000~18,000/shift; micro-speaker receiver automatic production line solution solution object: micro-speaker, receiver.

Solution background explanation: The era is changing in an accelerated way. New technologies such as Internet TV, smart phones, tablet PCs, etc. are constantly appearing, driving the demand of the electro-acoustic industry to continue to grow, and the speakers in the electro-acoustic industry are also with the times. Change.

The demand is gradually increasing, which is driving the development of micro-acoustic components in the direction of ultra-compact, digitization, integration and modularization. As with consumer electronics, micro-acoustic components have a shorter life cycle, faster and faster replacement, and the market for micro-microphones and micro-speakers/receivers is growing.

The requirements of the speaker in the production process are also quite strict, and the speaker is a very common electro-acoustic transducing device, which can be seen in the sounding electrical and electronic equipment. The performance of the speakers has a great impact on the sound quality.

The speaker is the weakest device in audio equipment, and it is the most important component for sound effects. At present, there are several difficulties in the micro dispensing process on the market:

the first: The first component on the market is too small;

second: Traditional dispensing equipment cannot meet the requirements;

third: high labor costs;

fourth: The accuracy is not high.

For the needs of customers and the market, Nasheng Electronic Equipment has made the following fully automatic production line solutions for micro-speaker receivers.

Speaker flexible assembly line - multimode;

Speaker automatic line features

3. From the voice coil winding to the basin frame assembly, the finished product is fully automated production, only 1~2 operators are required;

4. Low equipment cost, which is conducive to mass production;

5. Production of real-time tubes;

Visual inspection

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We can solve it for you

1. Save manpower and cost (operate 0 people, fully automatic design, only need to add materials, equipment maintenance personnel);

2, the operation is simple and convenient, high-speed precision (double the precision of the same type);

3. High speed operation and high efficiency;

4. Quality assurance;

5, worry-free after-sales service, 24-hour online service;

6. For a comprehensive solution, please contact Dongguan Nasheng Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

1、High precision                               2、The country's first flexible production                                   3、  MES implantation

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