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Automatic sound film combination winding machine solution

Object:Sound film combination

Commentary: On the market, the sound film combination winding machine has gradually increased with the acceleration of the times and the demand for products, and the quality and operation process of the product, as well as the cost and capacity of labor, are currently considered on the market. One problem, and there are still several difficulties in the market for the sound film combination winding machine.

the first: The first component on the market is too small;

second: Traditional equipment is no longer sufficient;

third: high labor costs;

fourth: efficiency and yield are very low, and the production capacity does not reach the expected period;

The fifth is less than expected period;: Product quality accuracy is general and so on for customers, a demand in the market, Nasheng Electronics keeps pace with the times, designed a fully automatic sound film combination winding machine, which can comprehensively solve and accurately position the product. It can greatly improve the yield and production efficiency of the products, and the whole set of equipment prices are very high.

product description

The use of automatic sound film combination with scribe winding machine: This equipment is suitable for automatic combination of sound film and voice coil with copper ring and without copper ring (can be designed according to customer's product requirements).

Function Description: Automatically realize automatic feeding with copper ring sound film, automatic positioning of sound film, automatic glue, automatic winding voice coil, automatic combination of sound film voice coil, automatic glue drying, automatic glue and fixed voice coil thread, automatic stroke The line is coated with white oil, and the finished product is automatically discharged into the tray and sent out to the production pull.

Scope of application: Applicable to the automatic combination of a circular voice coil with a copper ring and a copper ring without a copper ring, a racetrack shape, a square shape, and the like.

Let us introduce the advantages of the next product

1. Easy to learn and easy to learn;

2. High-precision motor is used to ensure high efficiency and high precision of the product;

3, truly achieve stable 24-hour start-up, efficient production;

4, can be compatible with fully automated production lines or one person to see multiple devices;

5. The diaphragm feeding adopts multi-station feeding trough, which has the characteristics of no need to feed for a long time, and can be replenished at any time without stopping. The diaphragm can reach the single sheet feeding and will not affect the rear station;

6. This machine is an efficient and stable machine in the industry;

Applicable products: round speaker voice coil, earphone voice coil, receiver coil.

We can solve it for you

1. Save manpower and cost;

2. Simple and convenient operation, high speed and precision;

3. High speed operation and high efficiency;

4. Quality assurance;

5, after-sales worry-free, 24-hour online comprehensive solution, please contact Dongguan Nasheng Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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