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Dispenser solution

Program object: Mini Yang sounder dispensing;

Program background: With the development of technology and the times, the popularization and rapid update of communication equipment, the demand for products in the corresponding electronics industry is becoming more and more strict, and in the fast-developing electro-acoustic industry, such as in the electronics industry. Speaker, (microphone, headphone speaker, receiver, notebook speaker, mobile phone speaker).

These parts need to be assembled by dispensers, and their internal structure is complex and precise. At present, there are several difficulties in the following dispensing processes for micro-speakers on the market.

First, the components are too small; second, the traditional dispensing equipment can not meet the requirements; third, the visual system identification and positioning capabilities are high; fourth, the contact dispensing efficiency and yield are very low.

solution:Nasheng Electronics has specially designed for the micro-speaker (here we put on our visual dispenser model). These models are equipped with vision system, which can accurately locate the product, comprehensively solve and improve the sound. of.

(There should be another product of the dispenser here) can greatly improve the yield and production efficiency of the product, and the whole equipment is very cost-effective.

We only use "microphones, earphone speakers, receivers, notebook speakers, mobile phone speakers" and other products. We have dispensing vacuum suction and blowing functions. Let us introduce the advantages of our products and apply them. Request and so on.

Program advantage

1, with dispensing and vacuum suction, blowing function, especially suitable for "microphone, earphone speaker, receiver, notebook speaker, mobile phone speaker, camera" and other products of glue coating, product handling;

Application: electronics industry, led lighting, electro-acoustic industry, automotive industry;

Application range: Suitable for fluid dispensing, such as: UV glue, AB glue, black glue, white glue, conductive glue, epoxy resin, silver glue, red glue, etc.;

product description

1. The thickness of the glue, the speed of the glue, the time of dispensing, and the time of stopping the glue can all be parameterized, the amount of glue is stable, and the glue is not leaked;

2. The machine has a pair of needle school team and fine-tuning function, which is released and debugged than similar products;

3, using trapezoidal accelerator, speed forward, micro-first interpolation and other technologies, can achieve any non-planar 3D dispensing path;

4, comprehensive dispensing process solutions, including advance management, delayed opening, slanting up, moving speed, closed graphics, powerful PC compatibility, with LOGOSHOP software, can import mainstream design software (such as carved, AUTOCAD , CORAIDRAW, etc.) generated file formats (such as NC\AI'DXF\JPG\BMP\scanner, etc.);

5, is a function such as setting;

6, to achieve functions with the PC online debugging; graphical display of the lock mode of programming.

We can solve it for you

1. Save manpower and cost;

2. Simple and convenient operation, high speed and precision;

3. High speed operation and high efficiency;

4. Quality assurance;

5, worry-free after-sales service, 24-hour online service.

Solution product: visual dispenser

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