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Common faults and treatment of cable winding machine control system

The wire winding machine used in the production and processing of our modern electric coils is an intelligent electrical device integrating mechanical, electrical, sensing and data processing. Many common winding machine fault devices can be judged by their own data processing and sensors. In order to ensure the high-efficiency operation and control accuracy of the equipment, when the winding machine fails, the equipment fault should be eliminated according to the displayed fault code. Below, list the more common faults:

First, the device can not start normally

The possibility of damage of such troubleshooting components is generally caused by the incorrect setting of the operating parameters of the cable winding machine. The common number of winding coils and the speed error are set to 0. These winding parameters are directly related to the normal operation of the device. For operation, check the side before starting the device after setting to prevent data setting problems.

Second, suddenly automatic parking during normal operation

Similar failures should occur. The focus of the troubleshooting should be the spindle drive mechanism of the cable winding machine and the operation of each drive. Eliminate hardware failures. In the parameter setting, it should be important to check whether the winding machine speed setting is too high or the wire diameter. Whether the parameter setting is wrong or not, and the width of the automatic cable is consistent with the skeleton requirement.

Third, the accidental control system alarm

During the daily operation of the cable winding machine, due to the long-term data accumulation and high-intensity operation, some accidental alarms are caused in the winding equipment. For such alarms, the instructions in the winding machine manual should be timely. The treatment method is excluded.