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Inspection work before automatic winding machine operation

1. Inspection and maintenance of automatic winding machine winding machine and its auxiliary equipment

1. Inspection and maintenance of horizontal winding machine

1) Always check the lubrication of each rotating part to ensure good lubrication.

2) Always check the tightening of bolts in various parts and find that it should be tightened in time after loosening, especially the anchor bolts of the tailstock must be firm and reliable.

3) When the machine is rotating, it is not allowed to operate under the windings.

4) When working, check the top and bottom of the faceplate and tailstock for bending and breakage at any time, and find problems in time for repair.

5) When the machine tool rotates, it is not allowed to perform the operations such as commutation, speed adjustment and shifting.

2. Inspection and maintenance of vertical winding machine

1) Check if the butt bolt of the winding machine hub and the winding mold is fastened, otherwise it must be retightened.

2) Unsafe factors such as damage to the winding machine power supply, if any, should be excluded.

3) Check whether the telescopic cover is well-stretched, and adjust the opening and closing size to about 150 rm from the outer diameter of the disk or the winding to ensure safe operation.

4) Check whether there are lanyards or obstacles around the winding machine or other objects, otherwise the position of the tooling objects such as the wire rack should be reconnected.

After the above items are checked, the winding machine can be started.

Second, the winding compactor and assembly frame inspection and maintenance

1) Whether the lifting system works normally. If there are any faults or unsafe factors such as stuck, tilting, stalling, etc., the professional should be repaired and the unsafe factors should be excluded.

2) There are unsafe factors such as damage to the electrical part of the electrical part and the protective cover, and should be excluded if it is.

3) Whether the winding center is aligned with the pressing mechanism, otherwise it should be positive.

4) If there is an operator under the compactor, when the compactor is started, no one is allowed to stand below.

5) The hydraulic compactor must check whether the pressure gauge is within the service life, whether the reading is correct, whether the hydraulic station works normally, whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, otherwise it should be excluded before operation.