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Happy 11th birthday of Nasheng Technology

The 11th anniversary of Nasheng Technology

The year is like a song, the wind and frost is like a picture. In the eleventh year, with a flick of the fingers, Nasheng technology ushered in the eleventh anniversary of its birthday. In the past 11 years, people of Nasheng technology have worked hard and forge ahead in the fierce market competition, accepted the baptism of market wind and rain, and achieved fruitful results. In order to celebrate this special day, on October 23, 2019, with the theme of "promoting corporate spirit and culture", the 11th anniversary celebration of Nasheng technology was held as scheduled.

The anniversary celebration is about to do something meaningful. In this anniversary celebration, the deepest feeling of Nasheng friends is that what is impossible for a person can be accomplished through a team, because there is a clear goal, excellent leadership and strong and effective unity is strength. In the process of climbing, the team keeps communicating, encouraging and cheering. Finally, climb the summit bravely.

General manager's speech: Thank you, go all the way, go down... Ten years, we are still: "talent wins, quality is king, service is supreme"

corporate culture

Nasheng mission: achieve win-win results for customers with high-quality services, realize the dream platform of colleagues, and realize social and human values

Nasheng vision: let industry realize the beauty of life

Core values of Nasheng: providing value-added services to customers with all one's heart

Nasheng spirit: professional, dedicated and natural

Quality policy: full participation, quality first; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Talent view: Science and technology based on people, thought advancing with the times