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What are the issues to be aware of when choosing a soldering machine manufacturer?

In recent years, the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry have become more and more serious, and the “low cost advantage of enterprises” has gradually declined, and the cost of enterprises has been too high. Without its own core technology, the homogenization competition is fierce. In such an environment, enterprises are in a situation where profits have fallen sharply, and they are also a roadblock that affects the development of enterprises.

Therefore, the market has also raised the "machine replacement workers", reducing the production and management costs of enterprises. Many automation companies are also appearing in the public's sight.

Soldering machine manufacturers undoubtedly have absolute advantages over manual soldering, soldering machine manufacturers

1. Saving labor costs: Soldering machine manufacturers are easy to learn and easy to learn. Employees do not need long-term training to get started, effectively avoiding the losses caused by employee turnover.

2, to ensure product quality: soldering machine manufacturers each step of the parameters are controlled by PLC, the whole process of soldering is under control, to ensure the quality of the product, there will be no phenomenon of virtual welding, false welding.

3, to ensure product output: soldering machine manufacturers work stable, sustainable work, the output of welding products is fixed, to ensure that the order volume is completed within the specified time.

4. Improve work efficiency: The working efficiency of soldering machine manufacturers can be increased by 50%-100% compared with artificial solder.

5, to avoid solder hazard: the most important hazard of solder soldering is lead smoke, if you do not prevent inhalation into my body, it will bring great harm to employees. Solder fume purifiers from soldering machine manufacturers can effectively absorb lead smoke and prevent employees from being harmed.

6. Completing complex solder: Soldering machine manufacturers have many functions such as drag welding, spot welding, skipping, automatic cleaning, etc., and can complete many difficult and complicated soldering work that cannot be done manually.

Among the many soldering machine manufacturers, how to choose a high-quality soldering machine manufacturer is particularly important. Because the stability of the soldering machine itself directly affects the quality of the product process and affects the production of the enterprise. Not only can it not bring benefits to the company, but it will increase the additional production and management costs of the company. Further affecting even the corporate brand and the company's own image.