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Introduction to the classification of transformer winding machines

The transformer winding machine is one of the winding equipment. Choosing the right winding machine is the key to producing the coil. The winding machine has many types as the basic equipment. Let's take the transformer winding machine as an example.

The transformer winding machine is generally divided according to the voltage level or capacity of the transformer. Commonly, there are foil winding machines, automatic winding machines, vertical winding machines, ordinary CNC winding machines, etc., and the specific explanations are given below.

First, foil winding machine

Foil winding machine, also known as foil winding machine, is mainly used for the winding of foil, coil of transformer, amorphous transformer and related electrical equipment. The foil coil is made of different copper or aluminum as the carrier, and the broadband insulating material is used. The interlayer insulation is wound once on the foil winding machine to form a foil coil, and the foil coil shape may be a circle, a rectangle or the like.

Its structure and function are much more complicated than ordinary winding machines. Tension control, photoelectric induction automatic deviation correction, automatic welding, bristle decontamination and other technologies are widely used in the industry.

Second, automatic winding machine

The appearance of automatic winding machine greatly reduces the operator's winding strength. Our common automatic winding machine generally uses CNC controller. The high-end model adopts PLC and precision servo system to meet the needs of modern electrical. The speed of the wire machine is getting higher and higher, the processing capacity is also improved, and the wire tensioning mechanism is used to make the wound coil beautiful and tidy.

Third, vertical winding machine

For vertical winding machines, you may not be very common. It belongs to special equipment. In large transformers, high-voltage coils are generally wound with vertical winding machines, and low-voltage spiral coils are also used with vertical winding machines. The working principle and processing range are completely different from our common parallel winding machine. At present, the vertical winding machine is further developed to large-scale, and the bearing capacity is also constantly improved, bringing the winding production to a new level.

Fourth, ordinary CNC winding machine

Ordinary CNC winding machine is our common winding equipment. This series of product lines has a wide coverage. There are also small and medium-sized models and major models. The control system generally uses single-chip circuits because of its low price, stable performance and convenient maintenance. Features are widely used in transformer manufacturers.