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Welding machine NS-RH-100NS-RH-100 product features

Dimension information




Single-axis automatic hot melt welding machine





Product number

Single shaft automatic hot melt welding machine (Haba welding)

product name


Range of motion


Maximum load Z axis


Moving speed


Decomposition ability




Display method

touch screen

Motor system

Servo precision motor

Programming mode


Temperature setting range

50-600 ° C

Heating stage


Input power

AC 110V/220V (internal switching) 50-60HZ

Hot melt welding machine power



Working environment temperature and humidity

5-40 ° C / 20-90% no condensation



Body weight

35KG (without host)

product features

1. Adopt advanced segment control temperature control system, which can flexibly set the heating state of each segment. It can control parameters such as temperature and time with high precision;
2. The temperature rises quickly and stably, and the local instantaneous heating method can well suppress the thermal influence on the surrounding components;
3. Display the temperature of each stage;
4. Closed-loop online feedback control of thermocouples to improve temperature accuracy;
5, welding pressure, welding time, welding temperature can be precisely adjusted;
6. It is very convenient to store 20 sets of welding parameters to replace the product;
7. Multiple solder joints are completed at one time, with high efficiency, good consistency, high welding strength, beautiful solder joints and simple operation;
8, 100,000 times of welding head life, create value for your customers.

product features:
1. The pulse hot press is different from the constant temperature soldering iron. The pulse hot press can reach the required temperature at the moment of energization, and once the voltage is not applied to both ends of the welding head, the room temperature can be reached instantaneously, and the welding head is flat, so the welded one is welded. The appearance is flat and consistent, and there is very little poor soldering. Simple and convenient programming method, can directly input solder joint coordinates, realize online/offline programming, and teach the reproduction of solder joint position coordinates
2. Four-stage heating setting, with temperature ramp-down function, time width range setting (0.3-99s), suitable for complex welding.
3. Closed-loop online feedback control of thermocouples improves the accuracy of temperature control. The wire break alarm is rapid, avoiding the temperature out of control and burning the workpiece.
4. The solder robot can realize real-time control of peripheral devices through the external i/o interface.
Product type: flexible circuit board (FPC) in LCD, PDP, mobile phone and other electronic products, ACF thermocompression bonding, soldering, computer, and other communication equipment, such as ultra-fine coaxial wires, cables, solder joints for connectors, Resin thermocompression bonding of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards for digital cameras and mobile phones, relays, printers, compact cameras, etc.
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