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Floor type segmented automatic production line -- totally closed type
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BOX (floor type)



The details are as follows

The overall specification design, the main frame is designed with 80X40 and 40X40mm standard aluminum profiles, and the non-sports area under the design is fully enclosed.
The equipment operation part adopts the standard modular unit assembly structure, and is designed according to the customer's process for the first time.
When changing the model, move according to the process modularity, adjust the track width, and replace the fixture positioning block to complete the model switching!
It adopts PLC (or American DSP chip) control + handheld box or color touch screen as the operation interface, imported pneumatic and sports accessories from Japan SMC/Taiwan.
This BOX product fixture uses one to two points, one side L, one side R
Capacity beat 7.5S/PCS fixture (one left, one right), 960PCS/HR ie 480 pairs/HR
Ultrasonic workstations need to provide ultrasound equipment to design the sound (the ultrasonic mold is not provided)

Equipment size:
a. The main body is about 2.2 meters wide, about 11 meters long, and about 1.8 meters high.
b. The overall size is about 3.8 meters wide, about 17 meters long, and about 1.8 meters high (including external dimensions such as manual wire and ultrasonic)

(The first draft size, excluding manual work and channels, the specific size may be slightly changed in the later design.) The seminar confirms that the plan is completed, and the customer is requested to submit comments.
product features:

Each workstation of the equipment is independently programmed, and there is a total control line, which can realize abnormal alarms of the equipment all the way, and other roads work normally.

Dimension information